Teeny tiny Christmas socks

This year I’m not too depressed to care about the holidays, so I am Christmassing it up like you wouldn’t believe. I wanted to make lots of decorations to put in the tree, since I can’t have any breakables because of a very energetic cat. I got four of these done and then I went on to make presents. I want to make more buuuut I probably won’t have time.

I based this pattern on this adorable pattern by Little Cotton Rabbits. The intarsia is hers too, save the one with hearts, I just fiddled a bit with the width and height, since I worked mine in the round while hers are worked flat. I have a different heel too, which is the whole reason I even wrote this pattern up.

As you can see these are seriously tiny. At my gauge they’re (probably) too small for a newborn even, but if you up the gauge a bit they might work. I have no idea. I know nothing about babies and their size. The circumference at the cuff is 7.5 cm and from the heel to the toe, just 7 cm.

Needles: 2.25 mm or US1
Yarn: Um. I threw away the label. Svarta fåret, possibly baby or Tilda. Anything sport weight probably works.
Gauge: 8.5 sts per inch

Cast on 24 sts. Work 3 rows of seed stitch. Work one of the charts (see below). Once it’s finished you jump straight on the heel.

K 18 sts to position the heel right. The following 12 sts is your heel. Swap to your contrasting colour (if you want!) and work a short row heel (that tutorial is awesomecakes). You want four wrapped stitches and four in the middle before you start working your way back up. When you’re done, switch back to your main colour, and knit 15 rows. Note that on the first row you might have to pick up a stitch on both sides of the heel because of the gaps that the last short row creates. Just pick one up in the empty space and knit it together with the first and last stitch of the first needle.

For the toe, swap to CC again and knit 2 rows. Then work 3 rows as follows: [k1, ssk, to last three of needle, k2tog, k1] x 2 (once on each needle). When you have 12 sts left, cut yarn, thread through remaining stitches and secure tightly. You don’t need to weave in any ends, just do a knot on the inside and trim. (Unless you’re making them for a baby I suppose.)

Now for the charts! These are, yes, just screenshots of a spreadsheet, and yes, you need to work the designs upside down. The red line marks the switch from the first to the second needle (if you work magic loop, which I recommend! DPNs must be ridiculously fiddly on this small socks), and finally, for the tree design I would actually leave everything but the actual trees, because what I meant as snow flakes just looks… weird. But – knitter’s choice.

First sock from the left: Fair isle

Second sock from the left: Hearts

Third sock from the left: Trees

Fourth sock from the left: Zig-zag

You can probably crochet a hanger if you want, but I had some red ribbon so I just cut a 10 cm piece, folded it double and sewed it to the back of each sock. A bit crookedly. Let’s not talk about it.

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